At long last! The cast album we have been working on for 4 months is ready for streaming! You can find it on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes (search for “kimerer lamothe”), and your other favorite streaming services. It is also on YouTube!

We are so excited to share these songs with you!! Thanks so much for being with us on this journey. Enjoy!

A Review!

We have our first review of our December preview performances at the Gene Frankel Theatre! This article by theater critic, Dr. Sue Horowitz, features an extended interview with our producer, Ronald J Meyers.

“a fun, positive musical”  “a talented cast”!

CLICK HERE for the full review.

Thanks so much, Dr. Sue!


Happy If at the Frankel!

IT IS OFFICIAL!! Happy If Happy When lives! We are delighted to announce that the LaMothe Gee Family will be heading back to NEW YORK CITY for five performances of their original musical at the Gene Frankel Theatre, in the heart of Manhattan, December 27 – 30, the week before New Year’s Eve!

At the Frankel, Happy If, will appear in a new incarnation — two acts, with a brief intermission, and featuring a frame that takes place in the modern day — while still including all the songs you’ll want to hear again.

Come watch this family tell the inspiring story of the move that changed their lives.

The Gene Frankel Theatre is an established Off Off Broadway Theatre, rich with history. Its flexible black box format and intimate setting make it a perfect venue for our family musical. This performance is made possible thanks to the generous support of RINA TEE PRODUCTIONS. Tickets will be on sale beginning December 4, 2018 from Smarttix!





Planet Connections Award Ceremony

Kyra and I had a fabulous time at the Planet Connections Award Ceremony. While we did not win the categories for which we were nominated (Outstanding Supporting Actress for Kyra and Outstanding Music/Lyrics for me), we appeared as the final performance of the evening, with a rousing rendition of “Richer Am I.”


The final chorus: “You’ll go higher than you can go when I’m beside you, letting you know: We’re in this forever, together we’ll weather whatever comes. Because the higher you fly, the richer am I.” Indeed!


A THIRD Show — Sep 19 @ The Acorn

What a week!!

We are thrilled to announce that Gene Fisch Jr. and the New York New Works Theatre Festival have given us a third show!! We will be performing our 25-minute version of Happy If Happy When TONIGHT, September 19, at 7 PM, at the Acorn, 410 42nd Street in New York City!! We will be appearing with four other terrific shows — and we will be first of the evening. This festival is an excellent opportunity for us to share our work with friends, family, and the Broadway world, at a top notch off-Broadway theatre! We’d love to see you there.


We so appreciate your support!

Then, this Friday, September 21, Kimerer and Kyra will be back in NYC to perform as part of the Planet Connections Award Ceremony, at the Abrons Center for the Arts! Happy If Happy When has been nominated for two awards: Supporting Actress (Kyra) and Music/Lyrics (Kimerer & Geoffrey). Wish us luck!!