Cast Album

The Happy If Happy When Cast Album was recorded with the generous support of:
RINA TEE PRODUCTIONS, Ronald J Meyers, President and CEO


Making this cast album has been a dream of ours ever since our first performances of the musical in July 2017. This summer we did! Geoffrey engineered the project, and laid down sumptuous piano, keyboard and bass parts. Kai added feisty, upbeat drum tracks. Our friend Joana Genova contributed some achingly beautiful violin lines, written by Geoffrey. All seven of us sang. And then Geoffrey and Kimerer sat side by side for hours, mixing the final version. Now we are happy to share it with you!

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Early responses!

— “I was listening while driving.  Had to pull over.  Sheets of joyful tears.  Thank you.” — GL

— “I loved listening to this. I so wish I could have seen it live!!! It was beautiful and touching and raw and real. I so loved that it was all of you creating it.  It really does embody your work. I love that the ethos of your family is to tap deeply into full creative expression of each unique being.” — SF

— “We’re really enjoying it. Very high quality and lots of life lessons” — SL

— “WOW! Way better than any Andrew Lloyd Weber I ever heard. Particularly like Holy Cow, the rooster and the duck. Been there, done that!” — CB

Enjoy! And please use the Contact page to let us know what you think!