Planet Connections

The LaMothe Gee Family is delighted to be appearing as part of the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, New York City’s premier socially conscious, epctf-transparent-logoco-friendly theatre festival!

This summer, Planet Connections Theatre Festivity (PCTF), the brainchild of arts professional Glory Kadigan, turns 10 years old. In that decade, PCTF has successfully changed the landscape of the theatre festival and all of New York independent theatre. The multi-award-winning theatre festival will celebrate in a big way by premiering more than 50 timely and topical plays and musicals written by the next generation of playwrights. Each play contains a powerful message serving as a parable of various world themes.

The Tenth Planet: Planet Connections Theatre Festivity
will run from July 9 through August 5, 2018 at
The Clemente, 107 Suffolk Street, NYC.

A defining facet of PCTF is its truly tangible connection to the world. Each artist within each season uses their work to shed light on causes that matter and inspire audiences to get involved. PCTF’s artists raise awareness – and funds – for a charity of their own selection. Furthering its message, PCTF is the country’s first eco-friendly arts festivity, providing green marketing and promotional materials and supporting sustainable design production practices.

“What I love most about Planet Connections is its focus on bringing individual artists together and connecting them as a community,” says Shaun Peknic, the new producing artistic director of Planet Connections Theatre Festivity. “This community continues to grow and evolve together each year. We teach each other how to make art that is more vulnerable and honest. We inspire each other to help make the world a better place to live. This year, we focused on curating a season with a diversity of storytelling styles and perspectives. We have artists presenting work who hail from all across America, including Denver, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Providence and New York City; and from all over the planet, including Japan, Yugoslavia, Russia, Peru, France, Belarus, & Haiti.”

The relationships formed during the festivity allow artists to find new audiences and forge new partnerships, turning PCTF artists into leaders and inspirations within the industry. The “connection” in Planet Connections is 10 times as strong this year as the festivity will work to celebrate and amplify the messages of many of the artists who have come through PCTF’s doors over the years.

Since its inception, Planet Connections has presented more than 300 Full Theater Productions, more than 100 Staged Readings, and has made a difference to more than 400 charities.