The Musical

What’s it about?

Have you heard the story of the Harvard PhD who ran off to live on a dilapidated farm with her husband and five kids? The story begins in the family’s city home where everyone has a different reason for wanting to move to the country. Yet the family is stuck, until Mom has a back spasm that spurs daughter Sarah (16) to google for real estate. Although younger daughter Eliza (14) is reluctant, and the farm Sarah finds is initially unavailable, the family perseveres. Once there, the family discovers that the farm has its own ideas of what it wants them to be. Conflict erupts. Plans collapse. Dreams evolve. Eliza runs away, and the family must pull together to meet the challenges of living with a horse, cow, chickens, cats – and one another.

How did it happen?

Writing a musical was not something I ever thought I would do — until it was.

In this blog post — written last year before our performance at the Fort Salem Theater — I talk about the process of coming to the realization that yes, it was time!

Really, it’s all Hamilton‘s fault.

Happy If — Happy When: Why Write a Musical?

What was the creative process like?

Before writing the musical, I had played around with writing songs — mostly in the early years of my relationship with Geoff. But then life got busy and I stopped. Starting again has been such a pleasure!

In this post I talk about my creative process. You got it. It involves moving…

Running for a Song: Does Bodily Movement Enhance Creativity?

Any other questions?

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