Jordan will play Hank

In less than a week, all seven of us will be on stage at the Off-Broadway theatre, THE ACORN! As we count down the days, I am going to feature one member of our cast each day. Today: Jordan!

Jordan plays the character “Hank,” a seventeen-year old young man who is eager to be out on his own, living on the land, making things with his own hands. He sings a solo called “Ghost in the Barn.” One line goes: “I want a life that is honest — made by my hands, something real. To give back to the earth for all it gives me, can you understand the appeal?”

Meanwhile, on the farm, Jordan has been collecting firewood, with the help of his team of oxen, Bright and Blaze. Here they are, up in our fields (with Leif alongside!), pulling the logging sled that Jordan made for them.

Come here this bladesmith/farmer/actor sing! September 5 and September 12 at 7 PM! (Links for tickets in sidebar.)

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